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Your bar could be saving
between £3-5K per year.

Developed by Brewfitt - who specialise in developing innovative dispense solutions for the bar and pub industry – the FOD drinks dispense system allows operators to save money by reducing beer wastage and lowers running costs by using less electricity than traditional dispense methods.

Our aim is to change the dynamics of dispensing beer and other cold drinks in a modern and efficient way, this will help save energy through more efficient cooling and will remove the volume of beverage from the system, therefore being environmentally friendly along with significantly reducing operating costs.

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Inefficient cooling solutions
are costing you money...

1 Beer Wastage

Taking the average pub with 16 taps, the coils within the cooler and link lines can hold up to 2 pints of beer resulting in excessive wastage.
This wastage is saved with FOD.

2 Cluttered cellar & bar

Two remote beer coolers are required within a traditional system, taking up cellar space. Shelf coolers and pods also take up space below the bar.

3 Inefficient Systems

The beer travels from the keg, through the link lines, through the remote cooler and up to the tap. This is inefficient as 1/2 a pint of beer can be lost through the link line per clean.

4 Increased costs

The bar can be cluttered with shelf coolers and pods which are required as secondary cooling resources. These not only waste space, create heat and waste beer but can also cost the venue £350 per shelf cooler per annum to run.

1 Saving Beer & Saving Energy

No link lines or cooler coils are required with FOD which means less beer is wasted and is cooled at the point of dispense. This could be up to approx 1500 pints per annum in an average pub with 16 taps. One beer cooler can service the entire bar, resulting in improved cellar space and approx £900 in electricity and system savings. Possibility to remove cellar cooling. 

2 Saving Space

No shelf coolers or pods are required at the bar resulting in electricity savings and improved space.

3 Saving Money

Beer discarded down the drain line through line cleaning, space saving and energy saving could save each venue a massive £3-5K per year. To find out more call Curtis Paxman on 01484 340800.


  • Saves pubs up to 40% energy consumption
  • Saves pubs millions of litres of beer globally
  • Savings of 3-5k annually for the average pub
  • Brand Freedom & lease options available
  • Huge service level improvement
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