Ben Jones

We’ve started to invest in our own cellar equipment as a company as it allows us to have complete control of the products we serve, it enables longer life on our pythons and board equipment.  Over the years we have had to replace pythons and boards due to the amount of times they were chopped out and re connected, we needed a solution to enable us to take control of the cellar and also maintain good quality on the products.  It also stopped everyone wondering which brewery owned what equipment?

We needed a solution and came across Future of Dispense.  Their solution ticked many boxes, no more flash coolers under the bar, perfectly chilled products, reduction in python runs thus saving money on wastage.  The investment isn’t cheap when you consider being able to fit out your cellar by a brewery for next to nothing but you gain complete independence and control over your products. 

We have FOD installed in our top 3 Roxy Ball Room sites and have never experienced any issues with the system, last year in our Leeds site we served well over 120,000 pints and the system hasn’t ever faulted.  We have 12 very different products on our system and each is served perfectly at their preferred temperature.

We will continue to install FOD at all new sites and would highly recommend the system to anyone!

Ben Jones
The Bar Group

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