Roy Ellis

We would like to thank the Brewfitt team for introducing the Future of Dispense to Albert's Schloss here in Manchester. They helped us create an outstanding modern beer hall which is enjoying tremendous success.

The installation of Future of Dispense has allowed our innovation team to develop an offer that doesn't require a brewery tie. This gives us the ability to constantly trial and serve new and exciting brands to suit our guest demands. 

The bespoke beer towers supplied fit perfectly with our dream for the perfect beer hall!

In addition, the required frequency of line cleaning is reduced  which has led to a significant reduction in wastage. This, coupled with energy savings generated by fewer coolers, adds to the attractiveness of Brewfitt's offer and is one of the reasons why we installed the system in The Viking, West Kirby, Wirral.


Many thanks

CEO, Albert’s Schloss Manchester 

Roy Ellis

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